The company accommodates its services at ABTEMA-1, ABTEMA-2, Progress, Mongol Trans terminals as follows:
  • Storing cargo in Customs Bonded Warehouses and Normal Warehouses
  • Storing cargo in Warm and Normal Warehouses
  • Doing customs clearance and customs inspection
  • Delivering cargo by car and cranes or extracting the cargo
  • Picking up, dropping off and belaying the cargo
Container Yard

 The company accommodates its services at Mongolian Railway United Terminal which has 11000 m2 mass concreted yards equipped with 50/30/12.5 tons’ carrying capacity cranes and
loading and in-loading mechanized yards of techniques and equipments.


 We accommodate services to receive or store the cargos intended use for foodstuff such as beverages, preserved products in 756 m2 warm warehouses that is for easily spoiling possibility cargos and storing over 100 wagon cargos depending on its overall dimensions in 600 m2 customs’ proposed warehouse or 1012 m2 customs bonded implicit warehouse according to the permanent official contracts.

Chemical and Hazardous Cargo Yard

 We accommodate express services to release all types of chemical and hazardous
cargo such as dynamite or explosive, bio hazardous and toxic, pathogenic substances etc to the consignee and loading, unloading, storing such cargos under the control of customs and professional inspection agents at the special yard that is equipped with cameras, 30/10 tons’ capacity 2 cranes in Tolgoit, Ulaanbaatar.

Coal Yard

 We are able to unload the cargos that can be avalanched such as coal, lime through raised 2 tracks which has capacity of 36 wagons at the yard that has 2 heavers with capable to load 975 tons cargos a day.

 While offering services which has met with standardized quality in domestically, we also accommodate high quality warehouse service that meets international standard at the ports of Incheon, Busan of Korea, Finland and USA ports etc.

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